Happy Burp-Day Video

| Jun 27, 2010
There is a video at the powerminers minisite, it is a sequel on the previous burp video, which was posted also on this blog earlier.

ATTENTION : This video contains some gross humor. Viewer discretion is advised.

Tell me what you think about this. =P


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I keep laughing with that video. =P

LegoFan101 said... [REPLY]

They didn't hold their mouths open for the duration of the burps...

Would've been more realistic...

The last part made me LOL though. :P

TheSkeletonMan939 said... [REPLY]

While I know it's intended for enjoyment, it's really just plain stupid in my minds.

Oh yeah, the Harry Potter site's been updated.

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]

Did you guys ever make a post about this news article ("Best of E3 2010")? It appears LEGO Universe has been very popular with reviewers.

Also, they've added LEGO Harry Potter to the products list, and it looks like they've redesigned some of the characters.

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