Chapter 4 - Jaws of the sharks!

| Jun 11, 2010

Chapter 4 of the Atlantis adventure is now alive! Go fight the shark and find your 4th piece of the Atlantis Treasure.

Instructions: Speed your way through the perilous undersea cavern to try and escape the jaws of the beast behind you. Each time you hit an obstacle, your ship is one step closer to becoming a shark snack. Successfully evade this ferocious fish and you'll claim victory over this sharp-toothed swimmer! Good luck.

Use up and down keys to control your ship. Watch out for the obstacles in your path. Collect the purple power crystals to regain health and gain some distance on the shark.

Cheat Codes for the game:
Before you use those cheatcodes, try the game without cheatcodes.

Dark, fast, sharkproof and fart. (highlight to see them) Click on the button 'cheat codes' to activate them. You can see this button when you are on the instructions page.

After a narrow escape from the sharks, the Crew of the Neptune has reached a dead end! They've battled their way across the treacherous ocean in persuit of Atlantis but it seems as though the lost city just does not want to be found. Disheartened, weary, and with no clues left to follow, continuing on their journey seems a foolish crusade that will only end in disaster. With cach aquatic encounter more dangerous than the last, the crew's supplies and spirits have diminished to almost nothing. Will the crew be able to escape their disheartened doom or will the pressure of the deep leave them crushed beneath its waves? Does Atlantis really exist or is it all just an alluring myth? to find out the crew's ultimate fate, be sure to turn in next time (July 2010) to the Atlantis Adventure! Coming soon, chapter 5.


Arin3 said... [REPLY]

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