Third Minifigure Game: Target Zapper!

| May 26, 2010
Time to get zappin', pardner! On each level, there are two kinds of objects. Some are there to get blasted, while others are not. Hit all the right targets an you'll win the game - but be careful what you aim at! Finish the game successfully and you'll earn a reward. Good luck!

The third game out of 5 games is out at the minifigures minisite. Go play it now!

Choose the spaceman or the cowboy to play the game. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot the right targets.


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

The reward is nicez!!!

Pake said... [REPLY]

It is? I don't really think so. =P

1 Kingdoms set and 1 World Racers set are out in the US S@H, here:

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