Lego Universe Again!

| May 14, 2010
This time the newsletter is the thing that makes the news. What is in this newsletters:
-It contains an ad to preorder the game, but I'm not going to post that all again. More information:

-A new ad for the Nexus Force Tower Build Challenge
Send more minifigs to LEGO Universe!
Build a towering base for the mighty Nexus Force to complete the newest leg of the Great Minifig Mission! Your creations send more minifigs to LEGO Universe, where they'll join the battle to save imagination!

-A new ad for the Build a New Pet Challenge
Brickkeeper says, "Build pets!"
Imagine taming fun pets for your LEGO Universe minifigure! Blastoff for the Creation Lab to build a creative sidekick for your character!

-Are you a LEGO® Universe BETA Tester?
The poll has been running here, what are you? A beta tester, a pending tester, or are you not interested. Choose your answer here.

-An exclusive VIP code that could be found in the newsletter. :)
LEGO® Universe astronaut wallpaper!
Wow your friends with this exclusive graphic of a LEGO® Universe space adventurer! Only for LEGO Universe VIP’s like you! Enter the code now from your newsletter.


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