The LEGO® Club Show, Episode 2 – Part Four!

| Mar 8, 2010
The LEGO Club Show is back with Episode 2, Part 4! In this last part of episode 2, we join mailbox Flappy in his Cool Creations reviews, then finish off with a (pretty crazy) LEGO music video about the power of building!

You can watch the The LEGO Club Show Episode 2, Part 4 here or here if you have trouble viewing the movie or clear your cache. Stay tuned for Episode 3!


Supersoradude said... [REPLY]

Wow... heh heh...
That talking mailbox takes some...
Getting used to. XD

TheSkeletonMan939 said... [REPLY]

I think LEGO is trying to scare children.

I mean, some of the interviews, like the BIONICLE interviews, are cool, and the Ben10 one, but that guy needs a haircut. And most of the things they build (like the mailbox or the theme song) are... scary. =P

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