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| Mar 26, 2010
None of this has been launched yet, but we hope to see it very soon in our MLN mailboxes.

Could you give me some feedback?
Hi there young creator! I was wondering if you could take a moment and help me out with a new project we are working on. It's a new online service that will let you customize and purchase a real LEGO Mini Figure. The customizing tool works a lot like your My LEGO Network Avatar creator except you would be able to not only pick out parts like legs and body, but also what gets printed on the face. How interested in this are you? Please select a response below that best matches your opinion. You may be sent some follow up questions depending on which response you pick.
  • Very Interested! I've always wanted something like that.
  • Very Interested! If it came with some exclusive MLN badges and Modules, I'd do it!
  • Sort of interested. It's nice, but I wouldn't want to pay extra money for it.
  • Not Interested. Not for me, it sounds boring.

When you gave an answer then you would get one of the next message as reply.

Ah... I see!
Thanks again for being honest with us. If you have time for one more question I would really appreciate it. We'd like to make the avatar editor better for everybody. What could we do to make the experience of making your My LEGO Network avatar better?
  • Animation - So that my character moves and blinks.
  • More choices for outfits.
  • More facial features.
  • Add more accessories like weapons and tools.

Thank you for your honesty!
You answered that the experience of customizing your own LEGO Mini Figure sounded boring. Thanks for being direct about your feelings. If you don't mind, could I ask a follow up question - what makes the experience of customizing your real life LEGO Mini Figure sound boring to you?
  • I don't really care about LEGO Mini Figures that much.
  • I only like LEGO Mini Figures that are characters from stories like Anakin from Star Wars.
  • I think it sounds boring to have to pick things out. Customization doesn't really matter too much to me.
  • I don't like the way My LEGO Network does the avatar and I'm worried it would be boring like that too.

Good to know!
You answered that you didn't think it would be worth extra money to have the experience of customizing your own LEGO Mini Figure. That's okay. It's good to be honest. If you wouldn't mind, could I ask what feature, if any, would worth paying extra money for you?
  • Sneak Peaks at LEGO Sets in development.
  • If it also came with an Exclusive My LEGO Network Networker LEGO Mini Figure - like Phantomeme, Echo or Bee Keeper Bill.
  • If it came with a special box that I could customize too.
  • Nothing. I just don't want to pay extra.

I've got a few more questions.
Wow! Great to hear you're very interested in an online Mini Figure customization tool. I wanted to ask you another question, if you don't mind. What type of LEGO Mini Figure parts and features would be most important to you in this new online Mini Figure customizer?
  • Parts and features that make the LEGO Mini Figure look funny or silly.
  • Parts and features that make the LEGO Mini Figure look dark and mysterious like black hoods, spooky eyes and skull shirts.
  • Parts and features that make the LEGO Mini Figure look like you do in real life.
  • A cool box that I can also customize myself with special decorations.

Interesting! Can I hear more about that?
So you would be more interested if you received MLN rewards for your Mini Figure purchase. Can I ask you another question - What types of My LEGO Network rewards or content would you like to get after you built and bought your customized LEGO Mini Figure?
  • Stickers, Loops and other creative assets.
  • The ability to change the look and feel of your Public View Page, like colors or themes in the background.
  • Powerful Modules that helped me gain rank faster.
  • An exclusive quest line with new Networkers.

It could be that you will receive this very soon but it could also be very late. It could also be that you get the question with other words. We hope to get it very soon!

Thanks to anonymous for helping me to get this inside info. I would update the word anonymous, if he approves that I may reveal his MLN name.


crackers5 said... [REPLY]

HOW do you guys find this stuff?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I'm wondering that too. I would update the source if he approves.

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]

Um.. this isn't the same one that F. Stop Clicksgerald sent out a long time ago, is it?

Arin3 said... [REPLY]

Actualy, F Stop Clikzgerald mailed this to us last year...
I still have it in my mailbox!

It is only that it has NOT been taken into action that it has become a great importance...

Obviously somebody has been veeery inactive (just kidding)!

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I think we have received the first one already. Anyway none of the questions are in the online XML that you could reach by looking into the source code. So, it is actually new.

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