Product Pages Removed!

| Feb 5, 2010
The product pages of Raanu and Berix are removed from the BIONICLE site. This means that nobody could start this campaign anymore from on the site. Normally you had to click a symbol to get some items. But because they are removed from the Site this doesn't take away that the SWF files are deleted. Somebody I know has saved the files, so we could still start with this campaign in the future.

If you want to get started, here are the links.



I would also try to save the other things because those could also get removed soon.

-NOTE: The end of Bionicle would come. Try to get all the Bio Code Stickers now...


EragonSaphira said... [REPLY]

It's so sad that Bionicle is ending. I went into the local toy store yesterday and the Bionicle Stars had arrived.

caspar347 said... [REPLY]

I agree about how sad it is that Bionicle is ending(For those who didn't know, Bionicle will be known as a retired theme by 2011). I wish that I'd known about how awesome it was when it came out in 2001.

Riverle said... [REPLY]

I was buying the sets from the very start. I still have my very first set of six that I ever got.
I accidentally removed myself as an author of this site... whoops.
Could someone add me back to the author list? (I was intending to stop following but done the wrong thing by accident).

wooton said... [REPLY]

Hey guys, on a random note: I entered my MLN name into the full list but I either mis-spelled it or it was entered wrong, it's wooton with an o not wooten. I wasn't sure how this would effect points I earn, so if it's possible, could you fix it?

Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

Thanks for pointing that out. It is fixed.

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

may i resume my clicks on my factory-space skulls-capt. reynolds module


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

What of module are you talking about, sponge. Do you mean the Space Fuel Plant Gallery Module?

Augias said... [REPLY]

Thanks for that very useful information, it finally got me started on the Bionicles MLN campaign!

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

yes thank you sim


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Vanderdecken12 will give you the clicks when he can.

No problem, it's my task to help somebody.

SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

I still have some of the original. I remember when me and my friend would always fight with the Borock. That was so much fun!!!!!!!

Thats back before my bro went to collage!

crackers5 said... [REPLY]

I remember being at Wal-Mart once when I was 7. I saw a single shelf lined with Tahu canisters, and decided to get him. I knew nothing about the story until I got Bionicle Comic #2 in my LEGO Magazine. Been a fan ever since. :)

SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

Now that the awesome bionicle days are over, hopefully lego will make a new brake through!!!

And make something even better!

TheSkeletonMan939 said... [REPLY]

The new BIONICLE game, Agori Defender, has images released! Gatanui will problably report this (he was the one that found it!) but I thought he might have forgotten to report it here.

TheSkeletonMan939 said... [REPLY]

Flasback to the Halloween format of the blog. You had cool music playing.

You guys got the music from's "Numbskull", didn't you?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Thanks for the news, theskeletonman939. Gatanui forgot about it, I think.

Thinking again of that time. Yes, that could be true. Was there something wrong with it?

Gatanui said... [REPLY]

I did not forget about it, but I did not get around to post it yet because, you know, I always want to make the posts with images so that they don´t seem so boring. :P I am doing some important school work and I did not have the time for it. Anyway, thanks for posting it. :) I will be quicker next time. :P

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