More 'Attachment' Theories Found

| Feb 16, 2010
Do you remember this post title?
There is a new networker. His name is Attachment. He is like Jamie and Simon except even more still-in-the-making because you can not even be friends with him. When you try to befriend him, it makes him a "pending friend". No other networker does that! He has the Star Justice and LEGO World event badge, which is very strange indeed. He is friends with Echo and Kludge Dropcolumn, but he is not on their friend lists. He has similar hair to Prof Brickkeeper, and has the LU background (no modules yet), but he has the same shirt as Dropcolumn. Is it possible he could be the next beta networker?

This was posted 8 months ago on our blog...
Today, CheshireCat150 and I found out more. We will try our best to make it easy to understand, but it will still be a bit difficult. =P

Evidence num. /1/
Links used to find this theory
ConclusionEcho doesn't have an avatarAttachment does have an avatar

Now we are going to look into the source code* of both of the pages. We will show you the avatar code.
*Source code = The code that the browser reads to show you a page.

Evidence num. /2/
Flash HTML Code
Javascript code* Source code used from this linknot applicable
Avatar code used in the Javascript code or Flash code code1#2,2,2,2,2#n0#3,4,15,41,5,1,11,17,2,9,1,1,1,1#n#lu
ConclusionEcho got his own avatar code that ends with #n, this makes him a networkerAttachment also has an #n, but more interesting is that he has an #lu. We don't know what #lu does or for what it stands.

1/ (also an old theory) Concluding with evidence num. /1/ - This networker could be made by a normal member like one of us (this would be 'hacking').
2/ Concluding with evidence num. /2/ - This networker could be more related to LU and might be the new Beta Tester Networker of Lu, because he is befriended with Kludge Dropcolumn.
3/ ...

These are some theories that we thought of. Of course, there are more theories. We want you to discuss your theories here. What do you think about Attachment?

If you don't understand a part of this post, please feel free to ask. We will answer your questions quickly.


SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

very interesting, I think he is a user who hacked the system because if you type his name in as if you were to sign in as the user it says "wrong password" but if you type in a networkers name it says "this user doesn't exist" so he cant be a normal networker.

The "SB"

SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

And to add to the last post, if you click the "I forgot my password" it will say "Please enter the e-mail address that you provided when you signed up and a new password will be sent to you."
so it has to be a real person.
While it still says for another networker, "this user doesn't exist"

The "SB"

TheSkeletonMan939 said... [REPLY]

There's a new LU challenge (I think) "Build with LEGO on Safer Internet Day!".

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

be careful that avatar code for echo could be the echo avatar glitch(or hack.)also there was somthing weirld on the mbs: ok go to the topic "new networker attachment" topic and one of the users say that he talked to somone working for lego and he said that you can become a networker


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

also (in the same topic) some users say that attachment is brickeeper's brother.
i think he rewards the lu beta badge

Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

I doubt he was right about being a networker.

Gatanui said... [REPLY]

Very interesting theories. :) Perhaps he has been dropped like Simon and Jamie because too many people befriended them already.

SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

were did you guys get the avatar codes?

B-man8397 said... [REPLY]

The #lu thing could symbolize that Attachment has the Lego Universe skin.

CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

SuperBen21. We get the avatar numbers from the source code.

B-man8397. That is a good theory, but there isn't an #lu after my avatar code when I put the skin on my page. Besides, a code for what the skin looks like would be somewhere else in the source code, not with the avatar numbers.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

@Superben21. Good theory, Superben21.
I even thought about that.

@TheskeletonMan939. We have already posted about this... But it's great you reported it.

@kiddy4683. LMB's is full of spam, but could you provide us a link to that topic. I would give it a view.

@Jamie and Simon are maked as how Echo has been made. But those 2 networkers are not finished yet.

@B-man8397. This is the only networker that has a #lu thingy after his name. Capt Jack Knife, Numb Chuck, Friendly Felix and Prof Brickkeeper doesn't have that #lu thingy.

Eragon.Saphira said... [REPLY]

This is very interesting. I think he might be something to do with LEGO Universe. Have you looked at other LU Networkers avatar source codes? Like Professor Brickeeper and Friendly Felix? If they have the #lu code then quite possibly it does mean Attachment is a new LU Networker. Does Kludge Dropcolumn have a special # code in his source code that identifies him as a Beta Networker?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

@Eragon.Saphira. This is the only networker that has a #lu thingy after his name. Capt Jack Knife, Numb Chuck, Friendly Felix and Prof Brickkeeper doesn't have that #lu thingy.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

@Samuel9544. Sorry, it's not allowed to post personal information on this blog, so I had to reject your comment. But I want to post the part that was good from your comment. Here it comes:
"I think it might be a virus because when I go to the page of attachment my computer crashes."

I don't think it is a virus actually...

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

the #u used to activate the Lego Universe Skin when Brickkeeper was the only Lego Universe Networker; before there was a item for the skin.

This might imply Attachment is very old.

SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

When I go to attachment's page the last couple of days it has sent me back to my previous page I was browsing so I kept trying to get to his page but it kept sending me back, also he was probably a user who got his account locked after hacking the system, would you mind posting my avatar code? If not thats okay......

The "SB"

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

@anonymous hmm
@superben same here!


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

@ sim it could be glitch


Supersoradude said... [REPLY]

Something we need to consider:
1. Have any of LEGO's Networkers EVER caused your browser to freeze over? Why would they need to do that anyway?
2. Do any of the other LU networkers have a #lu in the code? If not, that would DEFINITELY be a hacker.
3. Interesting name... Any thoughts on why a character associated with LU would be named attachment?
4. Why is every portion of that character accessible to a normal user? The other LU networkers ALL have animations and special themes. This character would be completely recreatable by a normal user.

I probably wouldn't go back there, knowing how hackers tend to work...

crackers5 said... [REPLY]

I've been doing the free clicks thing, and my click count isn't changing...

CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

TO EVERYONE: Vanderdecken12 and I are taking a small vacation. Because two of the admins are leaving, there is only one admin, Sim533, to approve comments while we're gone. Comments, therefore, will tend to be moderated slower. Sim533 will be approving comments whenever he gets a chance, so please be patient. We should be back on Sunday at the latest, and are very thankful to Sim for keeping the blog up and running while we are gone.

Have fun everyone! :)


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

@crackers5. Keep enterering you're name at the mln blog points. Vanderdecken12 did not saw you're comment before he leaved for some time. I'm sure he would fix it when he comes back...

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

the #lu could stand for Lego Universe

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

I heard Attachment sends you the LEGO Universe Sound 2 loop, which no one has been able to find, but you cannot send him an "I wanna rock" message while he is a pending friend. As the source was, I don't know how reliable this information is.

legorobot3662 said... [REPLY]

Cant some one just ask the lego company about attachment?

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

Every message is read by a real person on mln so I think it's their secret other wise they would tell us. After all there is many post on the message board about this particular user.

As for Jamie, Simon and Martin I'd say that they too are LEGOs secrets. If you try and get in as Martin it says that Martin doesn't exist as a user, which means that Martin too might just be a networker in the making.

Some people's theories are that Martin was supposed to be with Jamie and Simon but somebody already had the name. The thing that got me confused is that the Martin on mln doesn't have a capital M as other networkers have capitals. But this page is empty and the mini figure is the same as Jamie's and Simon's.


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

Do you know if Professor Brickkeeper has a '#lu'? It could code the special background...

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