8 new board games from LEGO coming in 2010

| Feb 13, 2010
In 2009 LEGO launched its game line in Europe with ten titles – games that are expected to be released in North America sometime in 2010 – and in March 2010 the company will release four new titles in Europe, with four additional titles to follow later in the year. Those games are:
Shave a Sheep – This awesomely-titled game lets players do exactly what the title says, but you’re relying on the roll of the die to let you shear without fear as a wolf awaits for a taste of lamb chops. (2-4 players, ages 5+, 10-15 minutes, €10)

UFO Attack – The UFO is attacking your mountainous moonbase. Try to collect as many resources as you can and hotfoot it back to Earth. (2-4 players, ages 6+, 10-15 minutes, €13)

Magma Monster – Escape the eponymous monster by building bridges over a pool of lava and grabbing the treasure as quickly as you can. (2-4 players, ages 7+, 10-20 minutes, €13)

Pirate Plank – Try not to be the pirate forced off the plank into shark-infested waters. Be the last pirate standing to win! (2-4 players, ages 7+, 10-20 minutes, €13)

Atlantis – Scheduled for August 2010 with a price of €25, this game ties into the Atlantis theme featured in LEGO’s regular line of building products.
Hogwart’s Challenge – Also scheduled for August 2010 and retailing for €25 is this Harry Potter tie-in.

• Two other titles not yet revealed.


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

Wow looks cool

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Anonymous said... [REPLY]

I like the fact that they are all stubby.

SuperBen21 said... [REPLY]

Minifiguar chalenge 6 is 70% loaded

B-man8397 said... [REPLY]

Regarding the MLN blog points, I was looking through the entire list when I notice my name comes up twice. Could you please fix this?

Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

Fixed. :-)

Austin said... [REPLY]

Off Topic, but theres something I want to ask. i want to know whats supposed to happen once u get pioneer status in TGMM (The Great Minifig Mission) I have it but I havent seen anything happen and it still says:

Your minifig total: 5022
Minifigs required for Pioneer status: 5000

Almost like its acting like I havent got the status yet.

Supersoradude said... [REPLY]

Don't worry, even if you had a million points that message would still show up. ;)

Also, no one knows why Pioneer status is there, although we can assume it has something to do with the beta test...

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

@ AUTHORS. In the mln guide check the comments in the "badges" section you might want to be considering to update that area

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