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| Jun 29, 2009
The June LEGO Club Magazine arrived today, and, unfortunately, nothing new for MLN was released. There were a few codes for building instructions, as usual, and some fun comics. Also, there were some advertisements for Space Police, but nothing too exciting. They had a page for the LEGO Universe game, in which they answered a couple questions, but nothing that we don't already know. They are definitely putting an emphasis on working together, which is good.


Spider880 said... [REPLY]

I didn't get mine yet. However, I did recieve my new LEGO Catalog Magazine today.

EragonSaphira said... [REPLY]

When is the Deleviry Arcade Module coming? And the LEGO Magaine badge rank 2? Why do they give us a hint then take months to release it?! The waiting is killing me!
Thanks for keeping us posted

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

uhmm... we only post what we know. We think it's coming because LEGO give us the feeling for that. But LEGO comes ALWAYS with a delay, so if we post something you just have to wait. Sorry...

I pod1346 said... [REPLY]


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