New featered users

| May 11, 2009
A short update on MLN...
They have updated the featered users...

Megasonic247 is the first one. The 3 other new featered users will come online today or will be not change.

Also, the "My LEGO Network" tab shows Jack Drill and the CITY Campaign on the first page now.
If you haven't started that game yet, then "HAVE FUN"

Because of this recent activity, it is believe that Racers or the CITY skin is coming soon.


Berrykit said... [REPLY]

I'm sorry Psycho... I just came on today, and am leaving again for a bit. Sending the parts now.

I am going on a leave of absence for a few weeks... I need to get some more school done in a short period of time (June 5 is the cut-off)

I will not be on for a little while, or more than just to say Hi!

Bye veryone, until I am almost done with school :(

Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

Good luck with school.

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